President Nixon: abortion, lies, and audio-tape

President Nixon: abortion, lies, and audio-tape June 24, 2009
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History has been much kinder to Richard Nixon, than many other former presidents. Of course, he did a good job lowering the standard by which we would be judged.

The newest of Nixon’s infamous tapes will probably harm his reputation more than they help him. The Los Angeles Times reports that the tapes are over 154 hours, and cover the period between January and February 1973. They are full of profanity and conversations about the Vietnam War and how he would destroy his enemies with the Watergate scandal. The most damning for many, will be his conversation with the now Christian minister, Chuck Colson, about Roe vs. Wade. Nixon says:

There are times when abortions are necessary — I know that. . . . Suppose you have a black and a white, or a rape.”

Brother Richard

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