Lunch Break Theater: The Sputnik Moment

Lunch Break Theater: The Sputnik Moment July 9, 2009

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features an intriging documentary entitled, “The Sputnik Moment.”

From the director’s website:

The Sputnik Moment

This film dramatically tells the story of the 18 months that changed American education forever. The change was provoked by the fear of Sputnik — and American parents, students, educators, government, the whole nation really, got together and radically improved science, math and engineering education and much more. Language labs. Classes for gifted kids. All of that is here. The Sputnik Moment is a wonderful story of a wonderful time, a time that President Obama frequently refers to. It is an inspirational film by acclaimed documentary filmmaker David Hoffman.


The Seattle Herald – This documentary does a great job of showing what went on 50 years ago, how America caught the space bug and how America changed its school system from the bottom up. And amazingly dramatic story. The alternative was how close we came to WWIII. For me it was a fascinating look behind the events that I was only dimly aware of. My kids loved it as well. *** 1/2


Google evangelist Vint Cerf calls The Sputnik Moment critical for every parent and student to see.

Brother Richard

Purchase the DVD here.

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