Video: Christian cable access puppetry gone bad

Video: Christian cable access puppetry gone bad July 6, 2009

A black guy, a panda, a German chick, and a crappy puppet walk into a bar church. No, it’s not the setup for a bad joke; it’s cable access Christian programming at its finest.

Check out this video:

Oh my Darwin! I could barely make it to the end. At first, I was convinced it had to be Poe. Unfortunately, I have found out that it is real.

I feel sorry for the kids whose parents forced them to watch this garbage. As a kid, I would rather have hung out at Michael Jackson’s house, then endure this torture.

Oh yeah, Mike is dead now, and we are supposed to pretend he was never accused of being bad. (Get it? Bad? As in, “He’s bad. He’s bad. Shamon!”).

Brother Richard
(Props: New Humanist)

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