Philip Pullman says Jesus was not divine

Philip Pullman says Jesus was not divine September 8, 2009

His Dark Materials Trilogy author (and Bill Donohue’s best friend) is at it again. His new book, due out Easter, says Jesus existed, but he was not the son of God. He claims it was Paul who created Christ’s divinity.

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

His new book, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, is a retelling of the story of Jesus.

It draws on the Bible for characters, locations and events, but the author says it reads like a mix between a novel, a history and a fairy tale. Pullman said: ‘I wanted it to be like that because it is, among other things, a story about how stories become stories.

‘By the time the gospels were being written, Paul had already begun to transform the story of Jesus into something altogether new and extraordinary, and some of his version influenced what the gospel writers put in theirs.

‘Paul was a literary and imaginative genius of the first order who has probably had more influence on the history of the world than any other human being, Jesus certainly included. I believe this is a pity.’

The Roman Catholic Church in the United Kingdom is already upset with Pullman. I wonder how long it will take for the American church to jump on the band wagon?

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