Cartoon: Santa's Intellegent Design

Cartoon: Santa's Intellegent Design October 23, 2009

It is amazing how kids can have such deep and insightful thoughts. I believe that we are all born as superstitious atheists, and those who raise us must work hard to teach us which mythos to believe without question.

Case in point, as a very young child, I occasionally doubted the awesomeness of Santa Claus. Oftentimes, during these fleeting moments, it crossed my mind that perhaps God was made up by somebody’s parents, and those parents died before they told their kids the truth. The result, I reckoned, was generation upon generation of believers. As basic and simple as that thought was, it vexed me for a long time, even more so after I became a Christian.

In the below comic strip from Cock and Bull, Bull is in the same boat I was in as a child.

Click image to enlarge:

Brother Richard

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