Fox News, NPR, and Huff Post: The Collision movie is nigh!

Fox News, NPR, and Huff Post: The Collision movie is nigh! October 26, 2009

For several months I have been talking about the upcoming movie Collision. The movie features Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson as they tackle the question, “Is Christianity good for the world?” Well, the wait is over. There will be two screening in New York this Wednesday the 28th (Buy Tickets), and two screenings in Los Angeles the Thursday the 29th (Buy Tickets). For those of us not lucky enough to live in these cities, we can order the DVD now, or stream it tomorrow (the 27th).

Both Hitchens and Wilson were guest on this morning’s Fox and Friends. They were interviewed by Gretchen Carlson, and it is hilarious that she begins the discussion by saying it will be “fair and balanced.” Here’s the clip:

To digress a little bit, it drives me crazy when news shows interview important guests in less than a couple minutes, but then give twenty minutes to screwed up people like the balloon family. I remember at the beginning of the Iraq war, Henry Kissinger was a guest on the Today Show. They rushed him away, went to commercial, and then returned to talk to whatever flavor wacko of the moment was in their 20 minutes of fame.

Ahhh, that feels better. Now back to Collision coverage:

Both Hichens and Wilson were interviewed on NPR this morning. It is worth the listen. The companion news story is here.

Both authors wrote a piece on the Huffington Post as well.

Throw a few coins at Atheist Nexus by purchasing or streaming the DVD from Amazon.

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