I found Jesus! He was hiding out in an IKEA bathroom.

I found Jesus! He was hiding out in an IKEA bathroom. October 19, 2009

Apparently, Jesus likes to hang out in public bathrooms, and is fond of writing on the stalls. You can see some of his divine graffiti in the picture on right.

The Telegraph UK has posted an article entitled, “‘Jesus’s face’ spotted on the toilet door in Ikea Glasgow.”

One shopper said: “It takes you by surprise. It is really clear in the wood.

“I was only heading to the toilet and found God.

“My wife thought He looked like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings but it is definitely more like the Turin Shroud.

“It’s certainly not what you expect to find in an Ikea store. Mind you, you need a little divine intervention to get out of here sometimes.”

I guess he is always watching. You better wash your hands, and don’t let him catch you lingering around your naughty parts for too long.

Brother Richard

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