Weekly Rant: Benny Hinn – Man of God?

Weekly Rant: Benny Hinn – Man of God? October 22, 2009

In case you missed it, Benny Hinn was on ABC’s Nightline a couple of nights ago. Before I begin my rant, watch this clip:

I’m sure most of you, my nontheistic brothers and sisters, have no doubt that Benny Hinn is a fraud. However, just in case someone is reading (and you always do) who believes Hinn is a man of God, I want to point acouple things out.

Around the turn of the last century, laws were created to protect people from scam artists. At the same time, flimflam men began to hide under the freedom of religion. A snake oil salesmen would get arrested if he told you he had water from a particular pond which contained healing powers. However, if he says God revealed to him, that if you drink his water as an act of faith, you would be healed, there is nothing the authorities can do them. He is protected by his religious freedom.

Besides all that, it’s not the man of God’s fault if you are not healed. It doesn’t matter if you obeyed his wishes or gave him a special “love offering” as a seed of faith. It your fault for not having enough faith, or because you have some unrepentant sin you are concealing. We used to say, God always answers prayer. Sometimes his answer is yes, sometimes his answer is no, and other times his answer is not yet. There is no way for God to lose or be proven wrong.

Now back to Benny Hinn specifically. Don’t be fooled into thinking his desire is to be transparent. It is a common practice to set up your publicist or PR person to be the bad guy. Hinn plays this game rather well. He acts like he really wants to answer questions, but the people controlling him won’t allow it.

Isn’t it also odd that Hinn says he would give people’s money back if he was a fraud? What BS.  Name one snake oil salesman, who stops his pitch and tells his potential victim not to buy what they cannot afford? In fact, it’s usually the poor who are the target of this kind of crap (and late-night infomercials).

There is one particular statement in this interview I want to quote:

Hinn admits he doesn’t have medical verification of any of the healings. And, in fact, some of the supposed  healings have turned out to be not real at all.

Read that again.

If you were a legitimate man of God and he was using you to bring healing into the world, wouldn’t you bend over backwards to provide evidence of these miracles? Other than the occasional testimony at a crusade or on his television show, Benny Hinn has not done one thing to provide any verifiable evidence of healing. This is the most damning fact of all.

In the interview, Hinn is quick to say that he didn’t have evidence that the person he raised from the dead was actually dead. However, this is quite different from what he says at his crusades. He proclaims it as gospel truth. He is also on record as saying that while he prayed for someone, their tumor fell out onto the stage. If this were true, and he really wanted to provide evidence of God’s miraculous power, wouldn’t he have stopped everything and had independent doctors collect the mass to be verified immediately? There is no telling how many thousands (if not millions) of people could have been led to the Lord by this alone. What other explanation is there besides fraud?

It is time for this madness to stop. Benny Hinn and his ilk do not deserve special treatment. They should be forced to prove their claims,  or be ran out of town like the sleazy carnival thieves of the past.

Brother Richard

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