Dutch tulip named in honor of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Dutch tulip named in honor of Ayaan Hirsi Ali November 9, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 02:  Controversial wr...On November 4th a ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art honoring the beautiful Ayaan Hirsi Ali. During the event, a tulip was named “Ayaan” in recognition of her human rights stance for Muslim women.

From Flora Culture International:

Ms. Hirsi Ali, a feminist, author, activist and former member of the Dutch parliament completed the traditional naming ceremony by drizzling champagne over the bulbs and declaring, “From now on this Tulip has the name ‘Ayaan’.” Mr. Thijs Leenders, president of the North American Flower Bulb Wholesalers Association represented the Dutch bulb sector in the event.

Congratulations Ms. Hirsi Ali. Thank you for your confidence and inspiration.

Brother Richard

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