God's healthcare plan

God's healthcare plan November 29, 2009

Without passing judgment about the U.S. healthcare debate, I would like to pose these questions. Could it be that many of America’s religious right are lulled into complacency by their faith? Does their belief that God will provide, help them justify not buying insurance or supporting reform?

On Friday, November 20, morbidly obese 33 year old, Tillmon Webb, died after sitting in his recliner for eight months. He had torn his ACL and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. To make it worse, his former pastor sent him text messages and posted sermons online proclaiming that Webb’s faith would heal him.

Here are some interview quotes from his wife, Ada Webb:

The man totally believed in God and his healing.

“He couldn’t do nothing for his self and I couldn’t do but so much.”

“They were gonna give him an appointment, but they wanted $300 up front, and we didn’t have the money.”

“He read his Bible daily, he spent his full focus on God. And he was literally waiting and praying for a Job miracle. If anybody knows the Bible and knows Job, he really and fully believed that God was going to heal him just like he did Job, because he said he couldn’t think of a better testimony to go out and to tell people.“

“He wanted so much to get up and you know, he wanted to tell everybody what Jesus done.”

“If I feel anything right now, it’s envy for him because I wish he had taken me with him.”

Reports have said Ada will not be charged with a crime.

I wonder why there was not even a mention of the pastor’s culpability? If he was a psychic or a snake oil salesman he would already be in jail.

Here’s a new clip:

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