New "missing link" dinosaur species discovered

New "missing link" dinosaur species discovered November 14, 2009

Paleontologist Adam Yates (and team) have discovered three new dinosaurs species, and the fangs of possibly a forth which was a dinosaur eater.

The first dino was given the name Aardonyx celestae. Yates believes it will help explain how the first two-legged herbivore dinosaurs called prosauropods, evolved into the sauropods (the largest dinosaur to walk the Earth).

Many have labeled this dinosaur a missing link, but Yates doesn’t like the term.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Yates doesn’t like the term “missing link.” It upsets his scientific sensibilities because evolution doesn’t unfold in a neat, linear fashion. But he says the term does at least convey the import of the discovery.

“It’s one of the dinosaurs in a long, smeary continuum,” he said Wednesday. “It shows us what we should already have pretty much guessed, which was that evolution was a messy, complicated affair.”

Good point. Of course, if this dinosaur does help explain a single slice of the evolution pie, it only creates two more “missing links” for creationists.

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