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Quote of The Day November 18, 2009

Moving to Creationism, there never seems to be a debate about this issue among Democrats. And yet black Americans are by and large Creationist. The difference between the political parties and ideologies isn’t that great. My own hunch is that the difference here between the two parties has to do with the degree of unanimity among the elites. …”

… When it comes to evolution, liberals and Democrats who are not college educated are divided, as are liberals without college degrees on abortion on demand. When it comes to evolution, college educated Republicans and conservatives are divided! This to me explains why there is no controversy about evolution in the Democratic party, the Democratic elite is totally unified, and can ignore the masses. By contrast, the Republican masses are unified against evolution, while the elites are split.”

–Razib Khan (AKA: David Hume)
From Secular Right Article
, “Creationism vs. Abortion, Left, Right, elites and the masses”

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