Sarah Palin is a history denier

Sarah Palin is a history denier November 15, 2009

Sarah Palin holding a T-shirt related to the G...During the last election cycle, a relative who I love dearly, accused me of not liking Sarah Palin, simply because she was a Christian. I responded that if I didn’t like her for being a Christian, I wouldn’t like President Obama, or any other Presidents (Republican or Democrat). I said I didn’t like Palin because she was a “crazy” Christian.

In the New York Times review of Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue: An American Life, Michiko Kakutan has this to say about her reference to creationism:

Elsewhere in this volume, she talks about creationism, saying she “didn’t believe in the theory that human beings — thinking, loving beings — originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea” or from “monkeys who eventually swung down from the trees.” In everything that happens to her, from meeting Todd to her selection by Mr. McCain for the Republican ticket, she sees the hand of God: “My life is in His hands. I encourage readers to do what I did many years ago, invite Him in to take over.”

This is a perfect example of why I refer to Palin as a crazy Christian. She, and others who believe this type of creationist silliness, are exactly what Richard Dawkins has labeled them in his new book, The Greatest Show on Earthhistory deniers. This term is usually reserved for the people who deny the Holocaust. However, we have more proof that evolution occurred than we do the Holocaust. Why are the deniers of the latter more crazy than the former?

I’ve said it before and I will say it here again. We need to stop asking people, “Do you believe in evolution?”. It is a proven fact that life on Earth has gradually evolved from simple to more complex (for the most part) over millions of years. The theory of how it occurred is called Natural Selection.

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