Atheist News Podcast Episode 20

Atheist News Podcast Episode 20 December 17, 2009


“The Etiquette of Killing Gentile Babies”

The twentieth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.

It’s the Atheist News Podcast with Me and “Bro-Ro” again this week. Did you know that Snoop Dogg was going to be fronting for his own brand of GPS? I didn’t. Richard really does have his finger on the pulse of America. Well, Christmas is coming, so inevitably, we talk about that a bit–as well as all the rest of the Holidays. Things sure do get sticky for us non-believers this time of year, don’t they? Christmas and atheism are not good bedfellows. Oh well, I like it anyway. Ho, ho, ho.

In the news: Kosher Killing–The do’s and don’ts of slaughtering the innocent, Jew vs. Hipster throwdown, “Yes, Virginia… There is no God,” Why we have a federal constitution, Moses the holy cow and the effing CHRIST-mas tree.

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Brother Richard

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