PETA's new "anti-Christian" ad

PETA's new "anti-Christian" ad December 3, 2009

Is this PETA ad featuring Dancing With the Star’s, Joanna Krupa, offensive?


According to Deal Hudson, publisher of says it is:

It’s totally inappropriate. It’s another instance of disrespect toward Christianity and another example of the kind of abuse that would never occur with any other major religion, because the outcry would be so immediate and so loud that the people behind it would immediately retreat.”

Isn’t it interesting how Christians use this argument nowadays. You can’t claim America is a Christian nation, and then complain when it is the religion of choice for mockers. This is also a vague reference to the way Muslims protest when Islam is criticized. It is like saying, “You better be grateful that we are so loving. If we weren’t we’d call a fatwa too.”

Joanna had a great response:

It’s is understandable that the Catholic League is wary of another sex scandal, but the sex we’re talking about pertains to dogs and cats. As a practicing Catholic, I am shocked that the Catholic League is speaking out against my PETA ads, which I am very proud of. I’m doing what the Catholic Church should be doing, working to stop senseless suffering of animals, the most defenseless of god’s creation. I am a voice for innocent animals who are being neglected and dumped by the millions at shelters. In my heart I know that Jesus would never condone the suffering that results when dogs and cats are allowed to breed.”

She’s right. It seems the Catholic Church has bigger things to worry about.

Good or bad, the PETA people are the masters of getting free press. The more extreme their ads are, the more the talking heads talk about them.

Brother Richard

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