Roger Ebert and the mystics of the left

Roger Ebert and the mystics of the left December 9, 2009

Every since I was a child I have been a big fan of Roger Ebert. So much so that one point, I seriously considered becoming a movie critic. I have even more reason to love him now.

He has written a wonderful essay about the wacky mystics of the left. Who are just as dangerous as their counterparts on the right. I agree with him wholeheartedly that new agers and creationists should not be President.

New Age beliefs are the Creationism of the Progressives. I move in circles where most people would find it absurd to believe that humans didn’t evolve from prehistoric ancestors, yet many of these same people quite happily believe in astrology, psychics, reincarnation, the Tarot deck, the i Ching, and sooth-saying. Palmistry and phrenology have pretty much blown over.

If you were attending a dinner party of community leaders in Dallas, Atlanta, Omaha or Colorado Springs and the conversation turned to religion, a chill might fall on the room if you confessed yourself an atheist. Yet at a dinner party of the nicest and brightest in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and (especially) Los Angeles, if the hostess began to confide about past lives, her Sign and yours, and her healing crystals, it might not go over so well if you confessed you thought she was full of it.

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