Weekly Rant: Rick Warren's Real Purpose for Christmas

Weekly Rant: Rick Warren's Real Purpose for Christmas December 8, 2009

Is the restricting of holiday parties in schools a new story? It has been this way in my kid’s school for quite some time. In fact, it all started with Halloween. I remember being outraged when they weren’t allowed to dress up for Halloween parties at school. These events were cancelled because of the Christian kids not the secular ones. They were first called harvest parties, then fall festivals, and now they are gone entirely.

Back when we had to walk uphill—both ways—to school, we dressed up like any scary creature we wanted and went to school to party and overdose on candy. Hell, our teachers even told us ghost stories. My family would buy our pumpkin from a local church and then go to the church’s haunted house.

If it was anything other than paranoia, the schools cancelled all Christmas celebrations to keep from offending Muslim and Jewish kids. Any benefit to the secular kids was a side effect. Although almost every secular kid I know celebrates Christmas in some form or another.

I agree with Rick Warren, that we should educate our kids about the different holidays and their origins. However, I doubt he, and other evangelicals, would truly want their kids being taught Ramadan, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa as equals to Christmas. Even more so they wouldn’t want their kids to be taught the traditions and stories from a secular point of view.

I believe it is quite disingenuous for Rick Warren to pretend he is all about pluralism and truthfully holds a “Let’s all just get along” viewpoint. I seriously doubt he celebrated Passover and Ramadan with his friends growing up and thought they were all just different paths to the same God. It would be great, but it would violate the foundational message of Christianity, which is “saving souls.” Warren believes and teaches that Jews are completed in Christ Jesus, and the Muslims must accept Jesus as lord and savior. Everyone must embrace the one and only “Truth.”

I won’t even waste time on Warren’s use of the same tired watchmaker argument. I’ll just say that no one believes life sprung up from nothing. Nor does anyone (except the religious) claim to know how life actually began. However it started, it obeyed the laws of physics, biology, geology, etc. The resurrection of Jesus—on the other hand—would have been a direct violation of these sciences.

I also find it interesting that in the above video when Warren refers to his new book “The Purpose of Christmas,” he says the three messages are: good times, good news and good will. On the below video he lists them as: Celebration, Salvation, and Reconciliation. While good times and celebration might be similar, good news and good will are quite different from salvation and reconciliation.

This video directly contradicts everything he said in the Fox news clip. It shows his real “purpose” is not “let’s all get along,” but sharing the good news of salvation and reconciliation through Jesus to your friends and neighbors, whether they are Muslim, Jewish or atheist.

Brother Richard

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