Were Mike Huckabee’s Words Taken Out of Context Concerning Connecticut School Shootings?

Were Mike Huckabee’s Words Taken Out of Context Concerning Connecticut School Shootings? December 17, 2012

First, I want to thank you for the responses to my last post condemning the horrific statements of Eric Hovind and Bryan Fischer about the Connecticut school shootings. I especially want my atheist friends to know that I received many personal e-mails from Christians who were as outraged as we were, and many pledged to demand an apology. I believe that if only a few follow through, it will make a difference in the long run.

Second, I planned on writing a follow-up citing many other well-known ministers who made similar idiotic statements. Far too many individuals simply dismissed Hovind and Fischer as crackpots who did not speak for Christianity. Sadly, the list of preachers has grown too large and would not be worth the effort or your time. However, I do want to point out the narrow-minded statements of Mike Huckabee. He’s not simply a radical theist who is out of touch with mainstream Christianity. He was a serious contender for the Republican nomination for President.  You can’t get more mainstream!

Many of you heard Huckabee’s comments to Neil Cavuto on the day of the shootings. Like the others, he blamed the shootings on the removal of God from schools. The next day, Huckabee claimed he was taken out of context, and then went on to say the exact same thing. Here’s the Video:

The Governor is simply wrong. As I pointed out in the previous post, there were just as many school shootings in America before God began to be removed from public schools in the 1960s. The only change has been our news coverage. In our world of 24-hour news, the media clenches onto these events and doesn’t let go for days. This is true with natural disasters, any human tragedy stories, and war coverage. Can you imagine how different D-Day would’ve been if CNN were broadcasting live from the shores of Normandy?

In the video Huckabee says that God did show up. He arrived in the bravery of the teachers, policemen, and in the hugs and tears of supporters.  I’ve got news for you Governor. These people were heroes.  However, they were not pawns in the hands of an inept deity. They were demonstrating humanism at its finest. Also, I’m sure the overflow church services you mentioned brought comforted and support to their communities. However, the solutions and relief were not in the prayers. They were in humanity’s resilience and unconditional love for one another.

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