Pat Robertson: Beat an atheist for Christmas

Pat Robertson: Beat an atheist for Christmas January 6, 2015

Pat Robertson has a neat and nifty suggestion for a newfangled Christmas tradition. Whether you’re still recovering from your Winter Solstice, Festivus, or good old fashioned Christmas celebration, it’s never too early to plan events for next year.

Here’s Pat:

That’s right, beat an atheist to celebrate the savior’s birth! It’s what the baby Jesus would do.

In all seriousness, regardless of the fact that Robertson’s suggestion is not very Christ like (and therefore funny as hell), I must say I agree his premise. While I would never advocate violence in these situations, why waste your time with jerks? The only stoned and drunken douchebags I celebrate my holidays with are the ones who put the “merry” in Christmas. The only room for asses in my inn are the ones who were ridden to get there.

Brother Richard

(Hat Tip: Raw Story)

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