The Je Suis Charlie Wake-up Call

The Je Suis Charlie Wake-up Call January 8, 2015

When will we wake up? Why do we continue to deny religion’s involvement in terrorist attacks when the perpetrators proudly proclaim, “Allahu Akbar?”

Of course, the majority of the world’s Muslims are peace loving, and the idiots who claim otherwise should be ridiculed. Nonetheless, to continue to negate fundamentalist Islam’s hegemony of terrorism across the world is just as asinine. To acquiesce does not make one racist (Islam is not a race). Acknowledging this does not excuse the wrongs perpetrated by Western governments (and there are many). In actuality, it is possible to defeat racism and jingoistic bigotry by embracing the truth. Islamic extremism threatens all peoples, regardless of culture, and reveres no borders.

Like never before we must stand with others on our planet who embrace liberty. I honestly believe that one of the ways to achieve victory in this fight is to stand up in unison. It is my hope that the Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie) response to the Charlie Hebdo attack will be an “I am Spartacus” clarion call for all who wish to preserve freedom.

A good start can be found at The New Daily. Editor, Jackson Stiles, has posted several cartoons drawn by artists across the globe who are defiant to this this attempt to silence the press. It definitely is worth checking out, and should be shared with everyone.

Here are two of my favorites:

Take a stand with me.

Je suis le Frère Richard Charlie.


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