I apologize for dooming America by mocking Pat Robertson

I apologize for dooming America by mocking Pat Robertson April 30, 2015

Well crap. I guess I am going to have to stop ridiculing Pat Robertson. My posts about him are never the most popular, but I enjoy them so.

In the below video, Robertson warns that people like me, who mock fundamentalists, need to wake up. Because:

“Sooner or later, a holy God is going to say, ‘I’ve had enough with you, I’ve had enough, my hands are going to be taken off your nation. People mock the word of God and those who proclaim it are laughed at as fundamentalists. Well, we need the fundamentalists because if we don’t have them this nation is doomed.”

Now, I would love to point out that Robertson just warned that the Supreme Court is deciding to bring in “sodomy, and put it in the Constitution,” but that would be wrong.

Without Robertson, who will inspire us to beat an atheist kid for Christmas? Who will advise us not to attend a same sex wedding? Who will warn us of gay conspiracies concerning lions, anal and pizza?

Heck, guess I will also have to stop asking serious questions like Does Pat Robertson represented mainstream Christianity when he speaks about gay marriage?

Thanks Pat, It’s been fun.

Brother Richard

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