Pat Robertson and the Gay Conspiracy: “Lions and anal and pizza, oh my!”

Pat Robertson and the Gay Conspiracy: “Lions and anal and pizza, oh my!” April 7, 2015


Forget Bill Nye, we now have Pat Robertson the Science Guy!

I don’t know why I enjoy Robertson so much, perhaps it is because I was such a fan of his back in the day, and that I was, and/or he has become so crazy. Or, it’s because he ran for President in 1988.

So, where’s the science? Here’s Pat:

Boom! I believe that is called “checkmate.” As a man of science, Pat wants to see the butt babies. Why don’t you people get it? It’s just like the old “Adam and Steve argument.”

On top of that, I bet you didn’t know that a major focus of the gay agenda was to destroy Christian values. And forget the Log Cabin Republicans, Pat just uncovered another “vast left-wing conspiracy.”

It’s gloomy and rainy in Georgia today; so how about a two-for-Tuesday?

Again, here’s Pat:

Yeah, if you find yourself liking anal sex, or even oral (wait now he’s gone too far), you might be a redneck homosexual. Do you know why? Because of the gay chemicals the gay-loving government has been deploying in jet contrails. First they use them to force oral sex down your throat, and then to… never mind. I’m punned out.

It’s getting late and I have a desire to go watch reruns of the 1980s show Beauty and the Beast. There’s something about Ron Perlman as Vincent.

Dammmmn yoooou fluoride!!!

Oh, real quick, Pat did get one thing right. What same-sex marriage worth its salt would ever serve pizza at the reception? Part of the reason we breeders go to these events is for the fabulous food.

Brother Richard

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