Bobby Jindal’s Intelligently Designed and Demon Haunted World

Bobby Jindal’s Intelligently Designed and Demon Haunted World June 25, 2015


Just when we thought there was not enough diversity among the 2016 Presidential hopefuls, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal throws his hat into the race. Of course, Zing Master Ben Carson is already running, but now we have someone with an Indian heritage (which apparently has caused quite a stir from Indian Tweeters).

The more the merrier. Right? Oftentimes progress flows from the clash of wide-ranging view-points. Advancement in the marketplace of ideas is dependent upon the Laissez-faire competition of unique perspectives. Right? And surely Jindal, Jindal can only … never mind. He’s more of the same.

Like the majority of other hopefuls, the Governor is not sure about the age of the Earth, and despite his honors degree in biology, he’s not an evolutionary biologist, and therefore refuses to acknowledge the fact of evolution. Here’s an old clip of Stephen Colbert talking about it:


As if that’s not enough, when I read a Raw Story article which stated that Jindal:

“can point to a singular achievement as he announces run for president: allowing theories like ‘intelligent design’ to be taught in public schools.”

I decided to investigate.

The Louisiana Science Education Act

In 2008, Jindal signed the Louisiana Science Education Act into law. The purpose of the act was stated to be:

“… to provide relative to the teaching of scientific subjects in public elementary and secondary schools; to promote students’ critical thinking skills and open discussion of scientific theories; to provide relative to support and guidance for teachers; to provide relative to textbooks and instructional materials; to provide for rules and regulations; to provide for effectiveness; and to provide for related matters.”

Regardless, the reality was that now Louisiana students read the book of Genesis in their science classrooms.’s Zack Kopplin wrote about it on thusly:

“When a student in Louisiana opens her textbook in biology class, she might not have the standard Miller and Levine Biology with a dragonfly on the cover, and she might not ever learn about evolution. For some Louisiana public school students, their science textbook is the Bible, and in biology class they read the Book of Genesis to learn the “creation point of view.’”

Kopplin even uncovered several emails from the Bossier Louisiana Parish containing teacher’s discussions about creationism. One such email was written by science teacher Shawna Creamer. In an email to Principal Jason Rowland, she wrote:

“We will read in Genesis and them [sic] some supplemental material debunking various aspects of evolution from which the students will present.”

Likewise, Kopplin obtained a copy of this very damning PowerPoint from the Ouachita Parish Junior High School’s life science classes.

Bobby Jindal the Exorcist

As if that’s not enough, in 1994, Bobby wrote an article entitled, “Physical Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare.” You have to pay to read the whole thing, so the below quotes come from the Washington Post.

Jindal explains that while he was in college, a female friend began to have visions, and smell like sulfur. Instead of recommending she get some sleep and take an obviously much needed shower, Jindal gathered with friends and they began chanting:

“’Satan, I command you to leave this woman.’ Others exhorted all ‘demons to leave in the name of Christ.’”

They decided to have her read passages from the Bible, and as she attempted to do so:

“She choked on certain passages and could not finish the sentence ‘Jesus is Lord.’ Over and over, she repeated ‘Jesus is L..L..LL,’ often ending in profanities.

Just as suddenly as she went into the trance, Susan suddenly reappeared and claimed ‘Jesus is Lord.’ With an almost comical smile, Susan then looked up as if awakening from a deep sleep and asked, ‘Has something happened?’”

Scared yet? Ready to throw your support?

Just think, Jindal could perhaps use similar tactics while negotiating with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un. Or hell, how about Trump.

Brother Richard

Top photo from Berek Bridges. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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