Ken Ham asks why Miley Cyrus does not have sex with animals

Ken Ham asks why Miley Cyrus does not have sex with animals June 11, 2015


Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight for many years, and lately it has been for some good reasons.

Personally, I am particularly fond of Cyrus’ nonprofit organization, Happy Hippie, which aims to “rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable populations.”  This is an extremely important issue. According to the Texas Observer, as many as “40 percent of the nation’s 1.6 million homeless youth identify as LGBT, with most having been kicked out or run away due to parental rejection.”

To that end, in a recent interview for Paper (NSFW), Cyrus drops a few bombshells about God, sexuality, science, and politics. Cyrus says that at the age of 14, she told her mother that she had “romantic feelings toward women.” How did her mother respond?

“She didn’t want me to be judged and she didn’t want me to go to hell. But she believes in me more than she believes in any god. I just asked for her to accept me. And she has.”

Cyrus also says that one of the goals of Happy Hippie is to counteract the “immoral politicking,” because:

“Although she was raised Christian, Cyrus maintains a particular contempt for fundamentalist lawmakers who rally against this sort of progressive, potentially life-saving change. “Those people [shouldn’t] get to make our laws,” she says. Those people — the ones who believe that, say, Noah’s Ark was a real seafaring vessel. “That’s fucking insane,” she says. “We’ve outgrown that fairy tale, like we’ve outgrown fucking Santa and the tooth fairy.”

Ken Ham Responds

In a blog post entitled, “Miley Cyrus—But Which Ark Is She Rejecting?” Ken “Yabba Dabba Doo” Ham, who is building a life-size ark of his own, reacts to those last couple sentences of Cyrus’s. He writes:

“As you read what she reportedly said, it becomes very obvious that it’s not just the biblical accounts of the Ark and Flood in Genesis she is dismissing, but she is rejecting our Ark of salvation—Jesus Christ. Really, Noah’s Ark is a picture of salvation. As Noah and his family went through a door to be saved, so we need to go through a door to be saved from sin and its eternal effects of separation from God.”

Then Ham says something quite creepy, and perhaps even a little revealing. Concerning her gender identity, Cyrus says that she is fluid, and states:

“I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. Yo, I’m down with any adult—anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me.”

Ham Responds with a “Question for her:”

“Why not involve an animal? On what basis does she decide that? Besides, if there’s no God and she’s just a result of evolution, then she is merely an animal anyway. And those she interacts with sexually are just animals—so why not any animals? In other words, she has decided to draw a line for some reason—but what reason?”

This struck me as a little too similar to the, “if you don’t believe in God, what keeps you from raping and murdering people,” question. My response to those people, is the same as my response to Ham. If the only reason you are not raping and murdering is because of God’s law, then, Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

Kenny my friend, hold on to your faith. Do it for the safety of all those animals you will be keeping on that ark.

Brother Richard

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