Video: Pat Robertson on Why God Allows Babies to Die

Video: Pat Robertson on Why God Allows Babies to Die June 10, 2015


Sticking to my pledge to no longer mock Pat Robertson, I bring you another public service announcement. Last week I warned you about Pat’s warnings concerning Ouija boards and pornography, but this week the lesson is even direr.

Have you ever wondered why a loving deity would allow 3 year old babies die? Here’s Pat:

That’s right, if your kid dies, realize they could have grown up to be Hitler, Stalin, or a serial killer. So God is great! I’m not sure why God doesn’t just take them in their sleep, and instead prefers making them suffer many months (or years) of pain. But hey, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Spoiler alert: I believe there is a clue in Pat’s last statement:

“The good God is going to take that baby to heaven right now and that isn’t a bad thing.”

I expect we will be seeing a chain of 700 Club abortion clinics opening up real soon. Or perhaps even infanticide clinics. Their slogan could be:

“Skip the heartache and free will. Send them straight to Heaven!”

Brother Richard

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