Franklin Graham Suggests Extra Lightning Rods for the White House

Franklin Graham Suggests Extra Lightning Rods for the White House July 8, 2015


In spite of my continually stating otherwise, I get quite a bit of complaints that I am typecasting Christians. Yes, I like to point out the wacky among them, but I know they are mainly the exception to the rule. It’s just fun.

That being said, one exception has been concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. I tried to make this argument when I asked: “Does Pat Robertson represent mainstream Christianity when speaking about gay marriage?” Nonetheless, many still didn’t buy it.

Likewise, I recently wrote how Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council (a pretty mainstream organization), made the ridiculous statement that same-sex marriage would lead to more babies being born out of wedlock. That one still makes me snicker.

Perhaps the best example of a minister that is trusted by the majority of Christians, is Franklin Graham. Franklin has taken over his father Billy Graham’s ministry. Billy was so popular and trusted by the American people that he was granted a personal audience with twelve Presidents (beginning with Truman up to Obama). Mainstream enough for ya?

Well, here’s what Franklin Graham wrote on his Facebook page yesterday:

“A lot has changed in three short years! Just three years ago, the President was on record as holding to the biblical definition of marriage. Now he can’t say enough about his support for the LGBT agenda—and right after the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, he had the gall to disgrace the White House by lighting it up with the gay pride rainbow colors to celebrate. This is arrogantly flaunting sinful behavior in the face of Almighty God. My advice? He might want to have some extra lightning rods installed on the roof of the White House.”

Beneath this statement, he posted this now infamous picture of the White House:


This is where I drop the mic and walk off the stage.

Brother Richard

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