God Burns Down a House to Showcase John 3:16

God Burns Down a House to Showcase John 3:16 January 8, 2016


Pretend for a moment that you believe in the Christian god and watch this news report from Knoxville, Tennessee’s WVLT:

I have no desire to mock these people’s pain, and I am happy that no one was injured in the fire.

That being said, if the Wagner’s god exists, their tragedy proves that he is far from loving. In what world would it ever be acceptable to burn down a house to communicate a message? Not only that, isn’t it even more evil and sadistic to demonstrate your omnipotence by sparing a Bible, but not a house? This is especially true when you have already demonstrated that you could deliver a message by burning a bush that was not damaged in any way. There is no way to look at it as any way but sick.

Thank God for friends and insurance.

Brother Richard

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