Talks at Google: Richard Dawkins and the Best Argument for God

Talks at Google: Richard Dawkins and the Best Argument for God January 13, 2016


A couple days ago, Talks at Google posted the video of Richard Dawkins’ October visit to Google’s offices in Kirkland, WA to promote his book, Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science. Here it is:

When you have some time, it is definitely worth watching the whole thing.

Also, be prepared for your favorite creationists to begin using one particular part of the video to demonstrate that Dawkins acknowledges the evidence for a Creator. When asked for the best argument against evolution, Dawkins referred to the apparent “fine tuning of the universe.”

Even though the Christian Post acknowledges it, you probably won’t hear the evolution deniers mention that Dawkins prefaces his answer by stating that he is not:

In any sense admitting that there is a good argument … there is no decent argument for the existence of deities.

Finally, it should be pointed out that Dawkins limited his answer to a “deistic god.” Even if there ends up being some creator of the universe out there, there’s no reason to believe that it is linked to any of the thousands of gods believed in throughout the world. Talking snakes, talking donkeys, virgin births, and resurrections require an entirely different level of evidence.

Just saying.

Brother Richard

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