For the First Time, a Peer-Reviewed Survey Debunks the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

For the First Time, a Peer-Reviewed Survey Debunks the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory August 16, 2016


One of the favorite conspiracy theories of wackos like Alex Jones and Dick Gregory is the claim that contrails (condensation trails) are actually chemtrails (chemical trails) released by those in power for nefarious purposes. Here’s a video of Prince spewing this nonsense:

Well now, for the first time, a peer-reviewed study has been published that debunks this ridiculous claim.

Last week’s week’s edition of Environmental Research Letters published a survey conducted by the University of California at Irvine (UCI), the Carnegie Institute for Science, and the Near Zero organization. They asked 77 atmospheric chemists and geochemists whether they had ever found any evidence that there was a coordinated effort to release chemicals and elements like aluminum and barium into the air by aircraft. 76 of the scientists said they had never encountered such evidence.

According to Steven Davis, UCI associate professor of Earth system science, and co-author of the study:

The chemtrails conspiracy theory maps pretty closely to the origin and growth of the internet, where you can still find a number of websites that promote this particular brand of pseudoscience. Our survey found little agreement in the scientific community with claims that the government, the military, airlines and others are colluding in a widespread, nefarious program to poison the planet from the skies.

Some of the scientists posit that the seeming increase of contrails are due to global warming, and others suggested that it was due to increased amounts of air travel. Planes are now flying at higher altitudes where they are more likely to produce ice crystals.

Of course, don’t put away your tinfoil hat just yet. Wouldn’t you expect that the lizard rulers of the Illuminati would fabricate such evidence to keep us in the dark about their schemes for continued global domination?

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