Vice Photos from the Opening Ken Ham’s Creationist Ark Encounter

Vice Photos from the Opening Ken Ham’s Creationist Ark Encounter August 12, 2016


VICE is one my favorite news site. They hold no punches, and if you watch their HBO series, you know their reporters take some crazy risks to report their stories. As I was looking through the photos taken by Samantha Friend at the opening of Ark Encounter, a few interesting things stood out to me.

Yeah, we all know that modern technologies like cranes and concrete nullified the creationist’s claim that the Ark was authentic. And if you haven’t seen it, here’s the video of Bill Nye explaining why the myth of Noah’s Ark just does not make sense.

And even if “The Great Flood” did happen, it does not reflect well on Jehovah. Remember this great video from The Thinking Atheist?

Anyway, with all apologies to Friend, check out these three things I found interesting in her VICE photos.

First, I believe this is either Shem, Ham, or Japheth (Noah’s sons) holding the dove that returned with the olive branch. Who would have thought that the Ark had bolts that were either stainless steel or nickel?


I believe Friend herself is in this second photo. It always creeps me out when I see a baby’s room decked out with Noah’s Ark decorations. Because nothing says genocide like Genesis 7:23. To expand upon it, here it is in the Expanded Bible:

God ·destroyed [blotted/wiped out] from the earth every living thing that was on the ·land [L face of the ground]—every man, animal, ·crawling [creeping] thing, and bird of the ·sky [heavens]. All that ·was left [survived] was Noah and what was with him in the ·boat [ark].


Third and finally, I just thought this photo from the side of the ark was entertaining.


Maybe Noah and family kept the riff-raff off the boat by using security cameras. I guess they work better than Archangel Michael and his crew.

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Photo Credit: VICE

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