March 29, 2009

I guess Hell has frozen over, because I never thought I would find myself agreeing with woo woo master, Deepak Chopra. However, on ABC’s Nightline Face-Off, I agreed with him repeatedly. Ironically, the debate subject was, “Does Satan Exist?” It should be no surprise that the defenders of Satan (AKA: Born Againers), never attempted to offer any evidence to support their claims. All they offered were personal experiences, and the repeatedly mentioned statement, “If Satan isn’t real, then God isn’t real (Duh, and your point is?). One of Chopra’s best responses was, “Healthy people don’t need Satan to justify their shame and guilt. They take personal responsibility for their actions.” But, don’t worry, I’m not drinking the Ophra Kool-Aid, Deepak also threw in his usual pseudo-religious bullshit. Read more

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