Paper Plate Angel

Paper Plate Angel December 20, 2009

A happy and blessed 4th Sunday of Advent to all of you!
As we prepare our hearts and homes for Jesus’ birth in just a few days, this could be a fun craft to do with our children. We will be using our paper plate angel as our tree topper, since I have once again failed to procure a proper tree topper for our family’s tree 🙂 I have such trouble committing to buying a tree topper because when I do, I would like it to be the one that our family keeps forever. I have fond memories of our beautiful angel tree topper as a child and haven’t found anything quite like it yet. So, for yet another year, we will be going the home-made route! Here is the link to this project:

If you have any other ideas for home-made tree -toppers that are easy to make, please pass them on – I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use some ideas!
God bless!
*By the way, Mary Alice, since we couldn’t comment on your post below, let me just say that you have a beautiful family and it certainly looks like you’re taking full advantage of the season of Advent!
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