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Dave Willis

Where was God during the mass shooting?

Earlier this week, our nation was rocked by yet another tragic school shooting. A disturbed man walked into a writing class on the typically tranquil community college campus in Oregon and he opened fire. The wake of the disaster has created more debate over gun laws, more fear, and more questions like, “Where was God?” [Read More...]

Jeff and Alyssa Bethke

3 Reasons To Date Your Spouse

One of the things that bums me out the most is when I see married couples not putting time and energy into their relationship (my marriage included!). If you are married, it’s the very center and foundation of your life, and so it should get not just as much but even more attention than your [Read More...]

This Is Not A Blog

Why I’ve Been Shoveling Pizza and Burgers and Shunning the Gym

Since going on vacation to Hawaii three weeks ago, I've had little to no desire lately to workout or eat anything moderately healthy.

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