Santa Scandal

Santa Scandal December 8, 2009

Our son recently began participating in a preschool class for a few special little guys. At our initial meeting with the teacher, she asked me if we “did Santa” since Christmas was coming up since they were planning some Santa crafts. I told her that, while we didn’t really do Santa, we did celebrate St. Nicholas, who leaves little presents at our home on December 6th.

To prepare our son for “Santa” I simply told him that some people in America call Saint Nicholas Santa Claus (we noted how similar they sounded) and that sometimes they didn’t get gifts on St. Nicholas day.

When I dropped him off last week, his teacher leaned into my car and told me the kids were talking about how Santa lives at the North Pole. Dash corrected them immediately announcing,

“Santa doesn’t live at the North Pole. Santa’s dead. He’s in Heaven now.”

She told me in all her years of teaching she had never heard that! Seeing my horrified look that my son had just unintentionally scandalized 4 of the sweetest little kids, she assured me that she changed the subject immediately and no one really understood what he was talking about!

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