Cleaning House for the Holidays

Cleaning House for the Holidays December 22, 2011

We are hosting Christmas this year, and since my blood pressure has been a bit high, I’m trying to rest as much as possible in these last weeks of pregnancy.  My parents will do most of the cooking at my home on Sunday, but I’m trying to keep this house in some semblance of order prior to Saturday.  I’ve solicited the help of my older two children in this regard, as I bark orders from the sofa.  They did a lot of cleaning for me yesterday, and I was quite impressed.  This morning I wandered into the schoolroom and discovered their battle plan.  Gianna had posted the following notice for her siblings (this is the unedited version)–

Rules for Makeing the house Neater–

1.  When you leve the room clean it up

2.  Clean up the room before playing

3.  Don’t play with a lot of toys

4.  Don’t make really cool things (ouch!)

5.  Try not to cut paper

6.  Keep small and breakable things away from Claire

7.  Don’t let the babys get markers

8.  Don’t let the babys get sicors (scissors)

With the exception of #4, which stung a bit, not a bad list.


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