My little girl

My little girl March 30, 2012

Sometimes, my 4 year-old seems so grown-up, a confident, exuberant, feisty little girl.

This morning, she had gotten herself dressed and came out of her room with a big smile on her face. “Mommy look!” she exclaimed, showing me her outfit: a navy blue polka-dotted dress, pastel blue, green, and yellow striped pants, and a bright pink headband.

Just as I was about to explain to her the concept of matching, she continued – “Mommy, I look like you today!” And my heart melted. My little girl – my independent, sometimes stubborn little girl – still wants to look like me, because I’m her mommy.

Lord, thank you for helping me to bite my tongue this morning. Thank you for tender hearts and impressionable little girls. Please help me to raise my daughters well, teaching them that true beauty comes from their identity as children of God, and not from any outward appearances. Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!

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