Car Seat Advice for a Toddler

Car Seat Advice for a Toddler November 25, 2012

Dear friends ~

I would love your car seat reviews. I have an almost 3 year-old who is tall for her age, and weighs about 33 lbs. We have a hand-me-down 5 point-harness convertible car seat that just isn’t working anymore. I think that the harness straps are pressing down on her shoulders, and there isn’t enough padding. She is always complaining that her back hurts when she sits in her car seat, and with an 820-mile (one-way!) road trip coming up at Christmas, I need to find a better solution!

I’m looking for the following:

-5 point-harness with the capability to convert to a booster seat

-comfortable – enough cushioning, and enough strap adjustment options for growing children!

-easy to install and buckle

-affordable, although at this point, I’m willing to pay a bit more to find the right fit

I also found this car seat liner that might add some extra comfort, but I’m not sure whether it will be big enough for a toddler. If you have any recommendations for a car seat liner for larger children, that would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  • Kellie “Red”

    We love the Radian Car Seat we bought for Gus. He fits into it very comfortably and is almost 5. He is average sized, and I think the car seat would be fine for a 3 year old.

  • texasmommy

    We also love the Radian, Kat. I don’t think it has extra cushioning, but the posture is more comfortable for our boys than the Britax convertibles.

  • karen

    We bought two Britax Frontier 85 SICT to replace the ones taken by our ins co after an accident. We liked them because you can use the 5-point harness until they are up to 85 pounds (depending on seated height of the child) and then it can be used as a booster until they hit 120. We figure, barring another accident, it will be the last car seats we buy. BTW my boys are 5 and 7. The 7 yr old can manage the harness himself. The 5 yr old prefers us to do it. My husband liked the seats so much he replaced our old Alpha Omegas in his car with the Frontier. I will warn you that the SICT takes up a lot of room, so you may want to choose the option without.