Caramel Apples, check.

Caramel Apples, check. October 24, 2013

Fall is the season for baking and decorating and crafting. I have made peace with the fact that crafting isn’t my thing. No ability, no desire, no thank you. Fortunately, my oldest daughter is a crafty type, and a nostalgic little soul, so anything we’ve done in Falls past needs to be done again or else it’s not really Fall.

So, after several flesh burns from 300 degree caramel, a lost tooth, a legendary mess of toppings on the kitchen floor, and half a bag of chocolate chips consumed in the corner by my babies, I present to you… Fall, in all its glory:

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  • Kat0427

    Wow, I’m totally impressed, JM! Yum!

  • “several flesh burns” LOL! I’ve never done carmel apples before and this was no inspiring to give it a try. Hope they at least tasted delicious!

  • Bethany

    Way to do what you really don’t care to do for the sake of your daughter’s craftiness and nostalgia! And flesh burns, to boot?! You rocked it, mama! These are days. xo

  • Mary Alice

    How did you do it? My boys are eager to try some (and I am eager not to pay $5 per caramel apple at the local orchard), but I am intimidated by caramel because I think it will burn or not harden. Any advice?

  • Juris Mater

    This year we used a caramel apple kit purchased at the orchard (cost around $1) which required us to add sugar and milk to some substance and then boil it for 20 minutes or so while stirring constantly. In years past we have melted Kraft caramels. My one attempt at sweetened condensed milk, etc, was a disaster. The kit worked a better than the other two, but there’s no easy or sure-fire way of doing this… but maybe it’s just me : )