Book Suggestions for Boys

Book Suggestions for Boys December 3, 2013

Here at Building Cathedrals, we have had several posts dealing with book suggestions for various ages of children, and I am writing today to ask for advice on books for a 4th-grade boy. One issue that we have encountered recently is that our 4th grader has become borderline obsessed with two particular series of books (do I even need to name them? ahem, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson), and is finding all other books unappealing by comparison. He has read and re-read all of these books multiple times, and cannot seem to get into any other book or series of books. So, today I am asking for advice from moms who have found themselves in a similar predicament, and their children in a similar rut! I am partly kicking myself for letting him read these books in the first place, but I also realize that they are a part of what kids read and talk about today. We may need to put all of these books out of sight for quite a while so that he can re-familiarize himself with the world of books that he used to enjoy, and we may also need to be more consistent about reading out loud in the evenings as a method for re-introducing other types of literature.

Have any of you had a similar experience with your children? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Many blessings to you on this Tuesday morning. Virgin most prudent, pray for us!

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