Feast of Saint Nicholas

Feast of Saint Nicholas December 5, 2013

Each year I have tried to shift the focus away from Santa Claus to the real Wonderworker, Saint Nicholas. It is 16 degrees outside on my porch right now and I just plopped clementines, golden coins, and chocolate SAINT NICOLASes into four little rain boots. This website is beautiful and full of resources and ideas for young and old alike to enjoy this historical feast day in the first week of Advent. I think Saint Nicholas is also an important Saint because he has great importance in the Eastern Orthodox community as well. Our recent popes have worked for greater Christian unity between East and West and I think we are part of this goal when we teach our children about great saints who lived and worked in places like Turkey.

Now, TBD on what a sub-zero Kansas night will do to a delicious little clementine “cutie.” Check out the kids’ section on the above webpage, there is a simple “how to draw Saint Nicholas” page that I printed out and rolled up into the shoes. I will let my kids each give it their best shot while I read them a children’s Saint Nicholas biography that I have in the basement. Hope you enjoy the feast day!

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  • J’

    I just had a discussion about the Feast of Saint Nicholas last night at our church’s mom’s group. Thanks for the resources! I really want to integrate this great saint into our future Advents for Pia’s sake, but since it wasn’t really part of our Advent growing up, I’m not sure right now how to do it…love the suggestions!