Merry Christmas to Mom

Merry Christmas to Mom December 19, 2013

We ran out of diaper wipes on one of several snow days last week. (What’s with the Antarctic weather in the mid-Atlantic, by the way?) I made my way through the snow to the nearby grocery store for a 3-package bag of wipes, which lasted approximately overnight, then the snow kept falling and I was forced to resort to wet paper towels and baby soap for diaper changes. Sub-par.

My Christmas came Monday, when the Wells Fargo wagon was a-comin’ down the street for me with a barge-sized Target box filled with diaper wipes. Our doorstep has been hopping with Christmas deliveries over the past two weeks, but none as exciting as this one.

We are locked and loaded with 2400 wipes to face anything Christmas and January can throw at us, from candy cane hands to stomach viruses. Bring it.

By the way, are you required to stop buying diaper wipes in bulk once you no longer have kids in diapers?, because they are the #1 most useful, multi-purpose item on the planet.

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  • Even when I was cloth diapering (prior to having a child with severe intestinal issues!), I used regular wipes. Agree that they are 100% awesome and make life so much easier. I now order from Amazon and have them arrive in bulk bi-monthly — ensuring they pretty much never run out.

  • KC

    Confession: I “wash” our bathroom floors with a cleaning spray and baby wipes. They’re not big spaces, so one or two wipes and I’m done and they scrub better than paper towels and I’m glad to throw them away just in case there was something undesirable on the floor!

  • Katrina

    Gotta love wipes! I keep some in the car for spills and dirty feet.

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Merry Christmas, JM! We learned a few hard lessons during our 5 day ice-in. The boys now understand what rationing is and even tried negotiating for milk and other goods on the black market (I’ll give you one lego lightsaber for the last glass of milk…) These are real world lessons, right? Hoping that, since you are prepared, you have a winter free of flu and full of sunshine!