Another One Year Old

Another One Year Old May 1, 2014

Today, we are celebrating our daughter’s first birthday.  She is our fourth child, so we have a first birthday or two under our belts.   Yet, every time we go through the one-year mark, I am amazed by how much I still have to learn about this stage (or every stage, for that matter).  Is our house child-proof?  I thought so, until two weeks ago when our little lady started furniture walking.  What foods can make her choke at this stage?  Never mind my medical training.  Can I possibly make it through the day with only ONE nap time, not two?  How am I supposed to make it through daily Mass when my wiggleworm starts wriggling while I am still genuflecting?

I remember how, as a first time mom, I marveled at the mothers who seemed to have it all together with multiple children.  If I ever give you that impression while we’re out and about, I assure you, its a ruse (albeit a well-intentioned one).  These days, I take comfort in the value of my experience, while trying to enjoy the greenhorn feeling again.

So today, I raise the celebratory single candle in honor of my daughter, but also in salute to all of you fellow moms who have helped me through this stage before and will surely help me through it again.



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  • Katrina

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl, Queen B! I love this post, because it is so true – sometimes, it seems that others have a better grasp on the stages that my children went through than I do. My mother or my friend will say, “Well, Katrina, don’t you remember when C went through this stage?” and I can honestly say, “No, not really!” In any case, enjoy this day of celebrating, and then, best of luck with child-proofing the house!

  • Happy Birthday to your baby girl!