(No More) All of a Kind Family

(No More) All of a Kind Family July 23, 2014

Our boys have loved listening to the All of a Kind Family series by Sydney Taylor, which were originally introduced to us by MaryAlice. We have definitely considered ourselves an “all of a kind” family of the opposite gender. We have very, very boyish boys. Sometimes we refer to the upstairs as the frat house. However, we have shocking (and soooo exciting) news that someone is about to break up the boy party!

Our latest ultrasound showed that our growing little one is a GIRL!! The ultrasound tech who has done all my pregnancies was in shock as was I! Honestly, we didn’t think girl was possible!  It’s just not in our vocabulary.

Previously, my pre-baby shopping list has looked like: diapers, new pump parts. Now I am going to be considering things like “bows” and “dresses”. Wow! We are so excited to welcome our sweet baby girl in December and would love if you could spare a prayer for her continued health!



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