ICYMI: New American Blessed

ICYMI: New American Blessed October 6, 2014

The Church in America had a wonderful moment this weekend, and in Jersey no less (I write this little tease with extreme love, I assure you, since that’s where Red and half of my family lives). Not only did it add a new Blessed to the fold of holy men and women — Miriam Teresa Demjanovich — but we had our first *ever* beatification liturgy on American soil. This is beautiful for us not only as Catholics, but as American Catholics!

As I was reading articles on Blessed Miriam Teresa, I was struck at all of the uncanny similarities to St. Therese of  Lisieux as pointed out here. In addition, she had an extreme devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and wrote (before some better known documents and more recent saints) that holiness is possible for all. Let us rejoice and thank God that we have another “flower” to learn from and ask for help!

Union with God, then, is the spiritual height God calls everyone to achieve – any one, not only religious but any one, who chooses, who wills to seek this pearl of great price, who specializes in the traffic of eternal good, who says ‘yes’ constantly to God…The imitation of Christ in the lives of saints is always possible and compatible with every state of life. The saints did but one thing – the will of God. But they did it with all their might. We have only to do the same thing; and according to the degree of intensity with which we labor shall our sanctification progress. 

— “Greater Perfection”, Blessed Miriam Teresa Demjanovich




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  • Queen B

    J, thank you so much. I didn’t know about this and can’t wait to learn more about Blessed Miriam!

  • Jersey Power!