Rainfall Caused By Frogs Marrying

Rainfall Caused By Frogs Marrying June 29, 2009

If they want rain so much, they should just move to New York!

Thanks to Atheist Nexus for the link to this video and this summation of the story:

“More than 250 people in northern Bangladesh have attended a wedding ceremony between two frogs as part of a ritual to bring rain to the parched region,” a newspaper said yesterday. The “bride” and “groom” came from two neighbouring villages of the capital Dhaka, according to the Bengali paper Jugantor. Villagers organized the wedding ceremony because the region was suffering a water shortage as it waited for monsoon rains to arrive, according to school teacher Noor Mohammad Kalon, who was a guest on behalf of the groom. “The bride and groom were in special wedding dress,” the teacher, 42, said. “We blessed them in the ceremony and released them in a nearby pond afterwards. Last night there was rain. I believe it was because of the wedding.””

Frogs Marry For Rain

Where would we be without religious wisdom to fill in the gaps where mere natural science, social science, and philosophy cannot even speculate.  And I’m sure holding to religious beliefs that “marrying” frogs to each other leads to rainstorms in no way interferes with one’s abilities to think causally in the ways necessary to do science or appropriate scientific paradigms into one’s thought in general.

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