Voyage That Shook The World?

Voyage That Shook The World? June 29, 2009

PZ Myers with news of a creationist film coming:

They’re doing it again. There’s a new movie being released, The Voyage That Shook the World, that you can tell from the tagline — “One man, one voyage, one book ignited a controversy that still rages today” — is creationist trash (hint: there is no scientific controversy anymore on this matter). Look a little further, and you’ll find it’s produce by Creation Ministries International, which tells you right there what their agenda is: to tell lies for Jesus.

Here’s where the parallel to Expelled lies…in the lies. They got several Darwin experts (Peter Bowler, Sandra Herbert, and Janet Browne) to appear in the “documentary” by concealing their motives. And then they admit to cherry-picking the interviews to put together their story.

As Myers notes, the shameless compunction with which people will lie for their theory gives the away their disingenuousness and their theory’s lack of credibility.  And it reinforces yet again what comes out in all faith vs. reason debates—truth is simply of no interest where faith is on the line.

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