10 Basics Of Group Dynamics

10 Basics Of Group Dynamics July 19, 2009

Go here for the explanations of each of the 10 basic “psych 101” points and also to find further articles on the topic.  I found point 6 most interesting and so included it in full below:

1. Groups can arise from almost nothing

2. Initiation rites improve group evaluations

3. Groups breed conformity

4. Learn the ropes or be ostracised

5. You become your job

6. Leaders gain trust by conforming

A high-profile, high-status role in any group is that of its leader, but where do leaders come from? In some groups, they are appointed or imposed from outside, but in many groups leaders emerge slowly and subtly from the ranks.

A study that has much to teach was carried out by Merei (1949) who observed children at a Hungarian nursery school. He noticed that successful leaders were those who initially fitted in with the group then slowly began to suggest new activities adapted from the old. Children didn’t follow potential leaders who jumped straight in with new ideas. Leaders first conform, then only later, when trust has been gained, can they be confident that others will follow. This has been confirmed in later studies (with grown-ups!).

7. Groups can improve performance…

8. …but people will loaf

9. The grapevine is 80% accurate

10. Groups breed competition

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