Average Girl On The Radio

Average Girl On The Radio July 5, 2009

No, not the Barlow Girl song, but rather Fordham’s own catchy-indie-alt-country-wilcoesque-modestmousish-rock band Average Girl (which, don’t worry, is decidedly also not a Barlow Girl tribute band) will be on WNYU at 3pm, Monday July 6 (streaming from the website simultaneously for those who click to “Listen Live.”)  The band’s super-talented Cary Kehayan (vocals, guitar, keys and harmonica) was one of my former students at Fordham Lincoln Center.  So, I’m especially proud to plug his band.

In the meantime, check out all their songs on their myspace page (and especially the super-modestmousish “Adelie and the Heights”) and become fittingly impressed and inspired to tune in to hear what Modest Wilcomouse would sound like live if such a band existed!

And for those of you who either live in Hoboken, New Jersey or who can make it there conveniently, you might want to consider joining them for their record release party on Wednesday, July 8.

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