The Epistemological and Metaphysical Case Against Obama’s Birth Certificate

The Epistemological and Metaphysical Case Against Obama’s Birth Certificate July 28, 2009

Heretical Ideas just rocked my world:

It might seem, to the average person, that the “Birthers” must have a tough time proving their case. After all, Barack Obama has released his Certification of Live Birth (pictured above), which meets all the requirements for proving one’s citizenship to the State Department. The authenticity of the certificate has been verified by Hawaii state government. Moreover, Barack Obama’s birth announcement was found in two newspapers at the time, and such notices were provided directly by the Hawaii Department of Health.

Faced with this overwhelming evidence, the average person will no doubt shrug and consider the case closed. There is no question that the evidence points to the conclusion that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and is therefore a “natural-born citizen.”

No question, that is, if you accept the dominant paradigm of metaphysical realism. That is, the idea that things exist independent of the mind and that those things are perceivable and knowable. Moreover, those who insist that Barack Obama is an American citizen also rely on philosophic naturalism–the idea that reality is subject to objective, knowable natural laws that can’t be tampered with.

However, if one rejects these two philosophic concepts, it’s quite easy to demonstrate that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore constitutionally ineligible to be President of the United States.

And as I’ve read repeatedly the last month from religious apologists, some of them even on this blog, there is no real reason to believe in philosophical naturalism, so I guess the door is open to believe whatever is politically convenient about Obama’s birth certificate just like it’s open to believe whatever is religiously convenient about the alleged resurrection of Jesus.  Ah, faith, how you help us transcend the biases of imperfect reason.

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