Bad Evolutionary Psychology: Attractiveness

Bad Evolutionary Psychology: Attractiveness August 8, 2009

Sendai Anonymous tears into Satoshi Kanazawa for

His ridiculous research trying (and failing) to link “attractiveness” with reproductive strategies and reproductive success, and all sorts of vacuous claims regarding “attractiveness”. His statistics proved to be flawed and were many times criticised, which Kanazawa obviously ignored.

He also claimed that women are getting more “attractive” faster than men, which is absolutely ridiculous. Why it is so is obvious even to a non-specialist: males and females receive HALF their genes from BOTH male and female parent, thus any actual physical differences between males and females take an extremely long time to emerge. (More at Gene Expression).

Also, the question of “attractiveness” itself remains largely unresolved. Attractiveness is dependent on the cultural milieu, and has no absolute value. There’s nouniversally recognised definition of “attractiveness”. The method of judging the relative attractiveness of research subjects is very subjective, and, in the end, rather meaningless (also, see Jezebel – also for the links to the press coverage of the whole debacle).

For more of his positions on issues like low IQ in Africa and why the US would have been better off with Ann Coulter as president after 9/11 rather than George W. Bush (short version:  she would have indiscriminately nuked the Middle East) and more of Sendai Anonymous’s raging anger at such thinking, go here.

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